Blink, Stockholm

Blink are a young and hungry agency from Stockholm, busy making waves in Swedish retail, but also working for international and UK brands such as Marks & Spencer. Blink takes an intellectual approach to retail design, building a concept from its strategic function first, and then applying the 'prettification'.

The result is a number of projects that genuinely break the mould. From garden centres, to bookshops and even florists, Blink has developed new store concepts that apply new principles to the sector...

At Plantagen, the Nordic world's leading garden centre retailer, Blink applied elegant homewares merchandising techniques and product cameos. At Akademibokhandeln, an astroturf garden anchors the concept, whilst for the latest project for Interflora, the golden service counter doubles as a champagne bar. Their latest work is a lovely flagship for Telia Sonera, the Nordic mobile operator.

Blink, Stockholm, Sweden

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Blink reinvent the mobile phone store as a tactile boutique
Reinventing the bookshop with a green garden
Interflora's champagne bar creates an elegant focus to the traditional florist