Aesop, Adelaide

"Customers don't buy ceilings - the only time they look up is when they're lost or dead" (Anon. retailer)

Apparently this is an investment motto for retailers; encouraging them to spend on only the most important and obvious things.

Except of course it's nonsense.

Everyone knows ceilings matter; just look at the Sistine Chapel.

Clever brands know they have to surprise and delight at all times, and Aesop is more aware than most.

A small brand that punches well above its weight, Aesop continues to amaze with yet another unique store concept that is designed to relate to its surroundings - in this case a local product market .

Aesop uses amber bottles in its packaging, to keep the ingredients stable, so the store motif is an exquisite wave ceiling, constructed from 7560 recycled amber glass bottles, suspended by threaded rods from 108 removable panels.

The store design was conceived and constructed by award winning architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studios - who also created the innovative Aesop cardboard store in Melbourne (also featured on need to know)

We think Aesop has to win our brand of the year award.


Aesop Adelaide, Shop 7B, Adelaide Central Plaza, 100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia.


March Studio, Melbourne

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