Daikanyama T Site, Tokyo

Daikanyama T-Site is a brand new campus style complex for Tsutaya; Japan’s leading book, music and movie retailer.

Located in Daikanyama, an up-market but relaxed, low rise Tokyo shopping district, the design has been conceived by Klein Dytham. The striking facades are formed from the Ts of the Tsutaya logo, and much larger T-shapes are disguised in the building elevations.

The concept is tailored at 50+ “premier age” customers. Alongside Tsutaya’s normal range, a series of boutiques carry carefully curated ‘inspirational’ merchandise ranging from art, architecture, cooking, cars, design, history, and literature.

Each section is run by a concierge. Like their intended customers they are all over 50, and both have expert knowledge of their subject area and can provide other services (in the stores travel section you can book a holiday).

Other facilities include a Starbucks café, a dog barber and an upscale convenience store.

The project also merges the worlds of new and old media. Movies, for example, can be bought, rented, or downloaded, and while iPads are on hand throughout the store as stock guides, there’s also a space with Tokyo’s largest selection of pens.

At 120,000 sq ft and set over three buildings T Site is both huge and very discrete. There was no launch party, no big hoardings; just this serene new precinct refreshing in its lack of pretension.


Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan

T Site Website


Klein Dytham Architecture, Tokyo.



Nacasa & Partners, Tokyo.

Nacasa and Partners

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