Vlisco Flagship, Benin

Vlisco is a long established Dutch manufacturer of fine, artisan fabrics, which sells predominantly to the West African market.

Founded in 1846, Vlisco originally produced batik style cloth for the Dutch East Indies, later Indonesia. However they diversified and adapted their designs to suit African tastes back in 1900. Since then, they have gained a reputation for creative and colourful artisanal fabrics that play on African themes whilst trying to avoid cliche.

The brand has ties with Unilever and has recently undergone a rebranding, including a new logo and a brand new flagship in Benin.

Designed by Belgium's 'Atmosphere Architects' Creneau International, the flagship aims to transform Vlisco into an African fashion brand.

The store combines a ready to wear fashion hub at the centre, with a library style display of Vlisco's amazingly colourful fabrics. Long tables with reading lights, pillars of cloth, and bookshelves with cloth folded to look like hardback volumes.

Dark ebony fixtures provide the backdrop, matching the look of the cloth on African skin, whilst gold is used on the finishes inside the store and on the mosaic tiling on the shopfront.


Vlisco Boutique, Avenue Clozel, Centre commercial Ganhi, Cotonou, Benin



Creneau International, Hasselt, Belgium


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